Family Vacations

Accomodating multiple people and ages can be a challenge when planning your family vacation. There are many factors to consider to make your getaway enjoyable for everyone.

Ask yourself these questions before you begin planning your vacation:

Traveling with small children:

  • What type of identification will we need?
  • What type of vacation are we looking for?  (relaxing, educational, adventurous...) Is this type of vacation realistic with small children?
  • Does the resort/cruise line offer a kids club or babysitting?  Will I use these facilities?
  • A family resort will have many children - will this be acceptable to all travelers?
  • What will I need to bring or what will the hotel provide to make our stay more enjoyable?
  • What type of accomodations will we need?  Do we need a separate bedroom?

Traveling with older children:

  • Do we all agree on what type of vacation we are looking for?
  • Is it important to have all meals and drinks included?
  • Will we be needing multiple rooms or accomodations?
  • What type of identification will we will need?
  • Will the children have enough age apropriate activities to keep them busy?




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